We Call it Chore Duty!

Not many lawn and landscaping companies offer their customers “chore duties” but Wolf and Sons believes that in order for your outdoor spaces to look their best and garner that certain “curb appeal”, there are many “chores” that need handled around the yard to maximize results. In fact, W&S feels that these chores are a natural extension of your lawn and landscaping.

Fence Installation Services – Building and Maintaining Fences

Your home is designed so that rain, snow, and ice drains off the shingles of the roof, into the gutters, flowing downward through the downspouts and hopefully, are routed away from the house where they should empty into the street sewers.   

When leaves and debris build up in your gutters and clog your downspouts, rainwater, ice and snow has nowhere to go but over the edges in sheets like a waterfall, pounding whatever lies beneath, which is often flowerbeds, hedges and high traffic areas.

These permanently swampy, muddy areas never dry completely. Nothing can grow in the muck. They often attract bugs and mosquitoes, especially during the summer; and they are a constant source of filth being tracked into the house, carport, and garage.

Furthermore, if not cleared regularly, the build-up of foliage and debris in the gutters, which run along the eaves of your home, will shatter your gutters, rot your eaves, and weaken patches of your roof, causing leaks.

Let W&S maintain your gutters and roof to keep them blown free of leaves, sticks, pine cones, and other debris that clog your drainage system, creating problem spots in your hedgerows and sometimes on your lawn.

Ice and Snow Removal – Clearing Sidewalks and Driveways

There are six popular reasons why private fencing is an asset to your lawn and landscape:

  • Clearly marks the boundaries of your property
  • Provides shelter for your garden, pool, or patio, acting like a windbreaker against bad weather
  • Accentuates your yard for decorative and aesthetic purposes
  • Protects children and pets from straying beyond your property lines
  • Discourages intruders
  • Acts like a noise barrier

W&S will build custom privacy fences from the ground up using our customer’s preference for building materials including chain link, lumber, and prefabricated fencing materials that require little if any post-construction work. Designed for longevity and easy upkeep, most fences require maintenance from time-to-time. W&S will finish off your lumber fencing with weather-resistant paint, varnish, or stain; and we keep it clean and pressure washed. We will also maintain its integrity for you by tightening loose fasteners, removing rust, and treating insect manifestations that threaten to weaken or destabilize it in any way.

Call Chris Kairuz at (206) 335-5581 or email us for more information about installing, building, or maintaining a new or existing fence for your property.

Clearing Sidewalks and Driveways of Ice and Snow

Winter brings snow and ice to your sidewalks, driveways, patios, and decks making it a treacherous place to walk. Shoveling snow and scraping ice is backbreaking work. If you are elderly or physically unable to clear these areas yourself, you may find yourself virtually barricaded inside your own home.

W&S will send out a crew to help shovel your sidewalks and hardscapes to make it safer for you to get around. It is also best to keep your hardscapes free from ice and snow when possible since it will slowly deteriorate your surfaces, rotting wood and causing cracks in your concrete.

To find out more about Wolf and Sons Chore Duties, visit our Pressure Cleaning page and our Dump Truck Services page.

Call Chris Kairuz at (206) 335-5581 or email us for more information about Seasonal Chore Duties.

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