At Wolf and Sons, we feel your livable hardscapes are a significant part of your lawn and landscaping needs. Our customers often ask us what they can do to fix the inevitable “problem areas” in their yards where grass doesn’t grow or the foundation is unstable. W&S investigated affordable options that are durable, easy to install, and “green” in terms of materials and environmental sustainability. From interlocking paving stone systems to retaining walls that prevent structural damage caused by eroding slopes in your yard or on your property, W&S answered.

Interlocking Paver Installation & Edging Systems

With over 115 years’ experience in brick, natural stone, and masonry products and supplies, W&S partnered with the Pacific Northwest’s own Mutual Materials to bring you durable interlocking paving stones, edging, and retaining walls.

We chose Mutual Materials because of their reputation for quality, functionality, and because they are made of permeable materials that filter rainwater back into the soil rather than draining pollutants into storm drains. They are structurally sound, but reduce pollution and erosion. They are also easy to install at an affordable price to the homeowner, and come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures that enhance the hardscapes in any yard, large or small.

Interlocking Paver Systems & Edging

Most homeowners have problem areas in their yards caused by:

  • Foot traffic or shade that makes growing grass difficult
  • Drainage problems from gutters and HVAC systems that create permanent muddy spots
  • Broken pavement that invites weeds and causes dangerous stumbling stones
  • Unfinished eyesore areas in corners, around garages, or along the narrow side of the house

W&S can repair your broken spaces and turn your wasted outdoor spaces into luxurious dreamscapes without hiring a masonry company or bringing in a cement truck! Pavers are perfect for creating new sidewalks, pathways, driveways, and hard surfaces like patios.

Let W&S transform your yard into an artistic landscape with Decorative Paver Systems & Edging by Mutual Materials.

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Retaining Wall Systems

If your home and surrounding property sit on a raised hillside or slope, you may be susceptible to any number of problems related to shifting and unstable soil underneath, and the frightening part is that you may not even realize your property is vulnerable.

A decorative retaining wall can help prevent any number of problems:

  • Soil erosion involving loose, crumbling dirt, rocks, and debris slipping downhill on a regular basis
  • Prevent or eliminate mudslides caused by drought, heavy rain, or other weather-related events
  • Secure your property in the event you live on or near a known fault line
  • The removal of weeds and wild vegetation along a slope for aesthetic reasons has destabilized the soil because the roots were holding it in place
  • Your property is situated downhill from a slope that often dumps dirt and debris onto your property after rains, snows, or other weather-related events
  • You need to beautify a favorite area of your yard and a decorative retaining or garden wall will accomplish it!

W&S uses durable but permeable blocks, set at right angles to the ground’s downward slope to “shore up” the unstable foundation and hold it in place. Designed for durability and longevity, W&S retaining walls are capable of holding up against the strain of shifting soil and water weight.

Retaining walls are more often functional than purely aesthetic; however, W&S can build all types of surfaces from tumbled rock and flat faced units, to stately tiered walls for multi-level gardening, sophisticated curving walls, and stepped terraces. Mutual Materials provides a variety of colors and textures that fit the surrounding landscape:

  • Rustic Mediterranean
  • Roman
  • Tuscan
  • Traditional Manor stone
  • Flagstone
  • Split rock
  • Cottage stone
  • Much more!

Let W&S stabilize your foundation with artistic Hardscape Retaining Walls by Mutual Materials.

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