L&L Landscaping Services Our Customers Ask For!

Providing basic lawn and landscaping services isn’t enough for Wolf and Sons. We ask our customers what they want and then we listen to their answers, and we assess our customer’s environment to see what services we can offer to improve their outdoor living spaces.

For instance, when customers frequently asked us whether we knew anyone with a dump truck to haul away junk after cleaning out their garage — first we recommended someone, and then we thought — why not offer that service ourselves? And so we did! When a couple of customers asked us what we recommended to fill in wasted space at the corner of their garage, we realized we could offer affordable paving solutions that would turn that wasted space into a perfect barbecue deck.When asked whether we could shore up that slowly eroding slope from the driveway to the street that was causing the pavement to crack — we decided to build a retaining wall that fixes the erosion problem while adding aesthetic value to the property. 

Traditional Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

Landscape Maintenance – Unconventional Outdoor Services

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