Basic Lawn Care Services

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The secret to every beautiful lawn is a lot of hard work, but the bigger secret is that with Wolf and Sons Lawn & Landscaping — the person putting in the hard work isn’t you! Our professional staff, including two yard technicians, are knowledgeable about Seattle’s marine temperate climate, and will help you make the best decisions about your lawn, garden, or overall landscape.

Mowing season runs from March through November. The remaining three months of December through February, your lawn is essentially dormant; but that doesn’t mean you should just neglect your lawn during that time. Sometimes wintertime lays bare potential problems for spring.

Lawn Maintenance to Combat Common Problems

  1. Cold weather causes your whole lawn to turn brown, but if you see discolored yellow patches forming, it may be signs of chinch bugs or grubs, fungus, and urine spots popular with dogs 
  2. Bare patches are often the result of sod webworms
  3. Elongated bare patches may be caused by heavy foot traffic. Ask W&S about installing decorative paving stones.
  4. If you see stripes of yellow or brown mixed with green, you may be fertilizing unevenly — common among Do-it-Yourselfers! Let W&S even the playing field!
  5. Do some areas seem to dry out quicker than others? It may be due to compacted soil. A good yard dethatching and aeration will solve that problem!
  6. Is moss growing in shady spots where grass should be sprouting? W&S can prune your trees and shrubs to allow more sunlight to penetrate those areas.
  7. Weeds are sometimes called an “unloved flower”, but when they choke out your beloved grass … who cares, right? W&S offers both traditional and premium organic weed-killing options.

You will notice your lawn getting spikey with new growth as early as March. Wolf and Sons offer a variety of basic lawn care services, and we can customize those needs to fit your budget. Do you just need someone to come mow the lawn every couple of weeks? W&S has you covered!

Do you need a comprehensive package that includes mowing, trimming, and weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly clean up? W&S has a package price to accomplish that too!

Customized L&L Lawn Mowing Service and More!

  • Edging around your hard surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, patios and decks to keep walkways neat and your lawn evenly cut
  • Trimming & contouring shrubs to keep them neat and even
  • Pruning low hanging branches to prevent unwanted shade. Cutting away thorny or intrusive vines like ivy, kudzu, honeysuckle, and blackberry that seduce critters and reptiles
  • Mulch/Bark for the overall health and beauty of your landscape. Both mulch and bark add beauty to your landscape, but it also discourages the growth of weeds; helps water and fertilizer penetrate the soil; moderates soil temperature and improves air flow; and insulates roots against frost.
  • Weeding & maintaining your seasonal flower beds to keep bloomers and decorative plant life from being choked out by unwanted greenery
  • Clean-up like raking, blowing leaves, and disposing of grass clippings and debris. Get more information about Yard Clean-up and Debris Removal.
  • Dethatching & Aeration for newly laid or well-established lawn maintenance. Get more information on how W&S can help you with dethatching and aerating your lawn.
  • Overseeding & Top-dressing repairs damaged lawns without sacrificing the health of your existing lawn. Get more information on how W&S can help you overseed and top-dress your lawn.
  • Topsoil versus Gardening Soil – It is important to use the proper types of soil in your yard and garden. The differences between garden soil and topsoil are sometimes confusing, but very important.
    • Gardening soil is often a premix of several different types of soils combined with sand, silt, clay and sometimes fertilizers and organic materials to give it a unique texture that blends with other soils. These mixtures can be customized specifically for flower gardens, vegetable gardens, and herb gardens.
    • Topsoil is the top layer of soil on the surface of the earth and is usually five to 12 inches deep. Not recommended for gardening because it retains moisture, topsoil can easily rot the more tender roots of delicate flowers, vegetables, and herbs, especially after heavy rainfall. On the other hand, topsoil is an all-purpose dirt that has a naturally loamy texture, heavy in clay, silt, and sand but low in fertilizer and organic materials. It is easy to till and imperative to the early establishment of sod, and in maintaining a grassy lawn and landscape.

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