Expert Sod Installation

If you are thinking about re-sodding your lawn or have built a new home and are laying the foundations for a newly landscaped lawn, you will need the expertise of an experienced lawn care professional like Wolf and Sons Lawn & Landscaping to ensure you get maximum results. Unlike some landscaping companies who simply plop down grass squares and sod slabs as if they were laying tile, W&S takes the extra steps of properly preparing the ground so your new sod can grow freely.

W&S preps your yard with herbicides to kill any weeds that may threaten your new lawn, and use a sturdy sod cutter to rid the area of any old, dead turf. W&S also offers premium Espoma organic weed killers and insecticides as a more environmentally friendly alternative that is safer for kids and pets.

Followed with a rototill to turn over fresh soil and churn up any rocks and debris that may hinder sustained growth, W&S uses a whirlybird applicator to spread seed starter and fertilizer in the freshly turned earth. Espoma offers a premium organic fertilizer as an alternative.

After laying the sod slabs and conforming them to curved surfaces around sidewalks, trees, and other non-grassy surfaces, we roll the sod to ensure deep contact with the fertile soil, and keep it appropriately watered. Mowing begins within a week of installation.

Dethatching & Lawn Aeration

Newly laid or well established, your lawn requires ongoing maintenance to keep it healthy and growing evenly. Tucked between the upper layer of grass and dirt, are leaves, stems, and roots — some living, some dead — known as thatch. Thatch is healthy for your lawn … to a certain extent, but becomes problematic when thick layers of it form a wedge between the growing grass and the soil preventing water, fertilizer, and disease control products from penetrating the soil. Deprived of the nutrients it needs to thrive and often blocked from sunlight on its lower grass blades, your grass will begin to grow unevenly with shallow roots. It may even develop bare patches.

Long-term W&S lawn maintenance packages have many advantages because when W&S maintains your lawn on an ongoing basis, our lawn specialists recognize thatching as soon as it begins. Dethatching and aeration, which is vital to any healthy lawn, allows air and water to penetrate the grass and lawn thatch build-up. By perforating the compacted soil, grass gets the proper air circulation, water, and nutrients its needs from the aerating process, to grow and maintain a verdant lawn!

Lawn Maintenance – Overseeding & Top-Dressing

Both overseeding and top-dressing will quickly repair a damaged lawn without killing the existing turf. When W&S overseeds your ailing lawn, we cover the fresh seeds with a thin mixture of peat to quickly germinate new growth and fill in low and uneven spots caused by erosion, ground settling, and water runoff; or holes made from removing rotten tree roots; and tunneling caused by underground critters like moles, ground squirrels, etc. Overseeding and top-dressing can also repair high-traffic areas where the soil has been compacted, and it replaces nutrients that may have been depleted by a freeze or drought.

Topsoil & Gardening Soil

It is important to use the proper types of soil in your yard to prevent it from washing away during heavy rainfall. The differences between garden soil and topsoil are sometimes confusing, but very important. Using the proper types of soil on a new lawn or re-established lawn is imperative.

  • Topsoil is the top layer of soil on the surface of the earth and is usually five to 12 inches deep. Not recommended for gardening because it retains moisture, topsoil can easily rot the more tender roots of delicate flowers, vegetables, and herbs, especially after heavy rainfall. On the other hand, topsoil is an all-purpose dirt that has a naturally loamy texture, heavy in clay, silt, and sand but low in fertilizer and organic materials. It is easy to till and imperative to the early establishment of sod, and in maintaining a grassy lawn and landscape. 
  • Gardening soil is often a premix of several different types of soils combined with sand, silt, clay and sometimes fertilizers and organic materials to give it a unique texture that blends with other soils. These mixtures can be customized specifically for flower gardens, vegetable gardens, and herb gardens.

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