Tree Trimming Services for Residential Property

As the longest living organism on our planet and one of the earth’s greatest natural resources, well-maintained trees and shrubs can increase your property value by up to 14%!

As experts specializing in residential, tree pruning, trimming and tree removal, we have the expertise, professional tree trimming equipment and a stellar safety record in tree restoration evaluation and complete tree services to keep your trees healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Tree services require knowledge of physics, biology and advanced cutting techniques to achieve the most desirable results, as well as using the correct tree pruning and trimming tools. With our experience and a crew that is professionally and properly trained in safe rigging, pruning and tree removal techniques, we are equipped to handle, but not limited to:

  • Hazard reduction and maintenance trimming
  • Pruning
  • Tree takedown
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal and grinding
  • Tree restoration

If you require removal of dead or dying hazardous trees, emergency removal of storm-damaged trees, or pruning services to enhance tree health and the beauty of your landscape, call Wolf and Sons Lawn and Landscaping for a professional consultation.

Tree Pruning Helps Stimulate New Growth in Fruit Trees

We believe fruit tree pruning should follow a definite plan that takes into consideration the reason or purpose before the cutting begins.

Tree trimming and pruning are crucial for providing future viable seed, dispersing it into the environment and storing enough nutrients for winter survival and management of vigorous re-growth in the spring.

These are a few basic reasons for pruning fruit trees:

  • Stimulation of new growth
  • Control of tree size or growth rate
  • Improvement of size and quality of fruit

We are experienced in regulating the amount of tree trimming and pruning that will keep your trees in optimum health and production, and in using the basic tree pruning systems to properly shape your new and old fruit trees.

Call us for pruning services to encourage healthy and robust trees with a strong framework that promotes optimum fruit bearing.

Tree Removal for Dead, Unsafe or Unwanted Trees

Whether you require tree trimming, tree pruning or tree removal services on your property, we recommend hiring a professional tree service that is knowledgeable in all aspects of tree care.

We are fully licensed and insured in removal of dead or dying hazardous trees, and emergency tree removal services from storm, wind or lightning damage for residential homeowners.

Tree care services in general are hazardous, but removal of trees is exceptionally dangerous and should not be attempted by homeowners.

Call us for professional services that include:

  • Removal of dead, unsafe or unwanted trees without damage to property
  • Removal in a difficult location requiring tree dismantling or sectional removal
  • Removal of dangerous storm-damaged trees
  • Tree trimming that includes dead limb removal

Call Wolf and Sons Lawn and Landscaping for professional removal of unwanted trees from your residential property at affordable rates. 206-335-5581

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