The W&S Hit List!

The only thing more offensive to a beautifully manicured lawn than weeds, are insects, and both are on Wolf and Sons “hit list”. We stop at nothing to kill and prevent the regrowth of noxious and injurious weeds, bugs, and fungus that threaten the health and consistency of your lawn and garden.   

The Espoma Organic Weed Control and Prevention Alternative

Do you remember when you were a kid, how you loved to pluck wild dandelions and blow off the white fluff resulting from the yellow flowers having gone to seed? Unknowingly, every time you did, it expanded the breeding ground for more to pop up and join the poa annua, dollarweed, and wild strawberry, all which compete with nimblewill, knotweed, and stinkgrass to push out the soft carpet of fescue or Kentucky bluegrass that is so popular on Seattle-area lawns.

Some weeds are deceptive with their pretty wildflower blooms, lovely in a wild open field, but when infiltrating your well-manicured lawn and garden, knapweed, creeping Charlie, and red and killing white clover are nothing short of obnoxious. Furthermore, anyone susceptible to allergies knows how pesky chickweed, ragweed, and pigweed can be and ouch! — sticky spurweed, stinging nettle, and Canada thistle are painful when stepped on with the bare foot.

Using non-organic granular Weed & Feed, W&S tackles your lawn, flowerbeds, and gardens to destroy the crabgrass, lambs’ quarters, pricky lettuce, and cocklebur that try to come back twofold when uprooted by hand. Do you have problems with quackgrass, signalgrass and scotch broom forcing its way up between the cracks in your cement driveways and sidewalks? W&S uses a mini propane weed torch to kill those intrusive weeds as soon as they pop their blades through the pavement.

Garden and Lawn Care – Pesticides & Insecticides

As a premium to our traditional granular treatments, W&S also offers Espoma, a premium eco-friendly organic weed killer and weed preventer derived from corn gluten. The all-natural by-product of cornstarch not only starves weeds of water and nutrients, but it feeds your wanted grass with critical nutrients that stimulates growth.

Ask Wolf and Sons about our premium Espoma weed control products and get an upgrade from our standard Weed & Feed.

Pesticides & Insecticides   

Aside from being ugly, intrusive, and related to dirt and filth, insects are perhaps the biggest enemy to your lawn and garden and they can turn your lawn into Swiss cheese. Insecticides kill infestations of crawly pests like snails, slugs, rodents, worms, white grubs, chinch bugs, Japanese beetles, ants, and billbugs. Aphids, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and spittlebugs feed mainly on plants themselves, so you need W&S to recommend the most effective treatments available on the market today to protect your lawn, plants, and shrubs.

Other fast spreading pests like mites, fungi, and weeds can be just as devastating, choking out your wanted plant life. W&S can treat your lawn with non-organic liquid pesticides to repel and manages these problems.

The Espoma Organic Pesticide Alternative

W&S also offers an organic alternative, Espoma premium pesticides, which work in harmony with nature to grow beautiful lawns & gardens, preserve natural resources, and make a safer world for future generations.

Call Chris Kairuz at (206) 335-5581 or email us for more information on how Wolf and Sons can help you keep your lawn and garden free of insect infestation.

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