Yard Clean-up

By October, homeowners are bombarded with “Fall”-out from Summer, and by March, homeowners are ready for Spring! The first step is cleaning up the mess whichever season left behind. Wolf and Sons encourages our customers to ease the pain with monthly clean-up sessions throughout the fall and winter months, if just to pick up and remove excessive leaves and broken tree branches.

Spring / Fall Yard Clean Up Checklist

  • Prune trees and shrubs of branches damaged by the cold, snow, wind, or ice. Let W&S reshape hedges so they get even sunlight throughout.
  • Trim flowering shrubs, spring bloomers, ornamental grasses, and flowering perennials so new growth can shoot up
  • Dig up perennials and bulbs after the soil thaws; thin them out if they are too crowded; and divide and transplant those clumped together.
  • Fallen leaves and dead foliage is not likely to let up completely until the spring thaw in mid-April, and you will want W&S to continue to remove yard debris so it will not smother new growth.
  • Let W&S power wash your hard surfaces, especially driveways, decks, patios, cabanas, and sidewalks
  • Let W&S replace broken pavement, cracked cement, and bare spots with interlocking paving systems and shore up unstable slopes that have washed away during the winter rains with retaining walls.

Junk Removal – Chunk Your Junk & Remove Debris

Wolf and Sons had a brand new dump truck and we are excited about using it to haul off any junk and rubbish you need removed from your property.

Broken and ruined patio furniture, sagging awnings, rusty barbecue grills, cracked ceramic planters, broken bricks, cracked cement, and rotted and splintered wood. It all needs to be bagged, picked up, and hauled away.

While you’re at it, clean out those garages, cabinets, closets, attics, and workshops. Throw out broken or unused appliances, rugs, and carpets, furniture, and outdated electronics.

We call it “chunking junk” and we know you have plenty!

Junk Chunking Special – $20 OFF any Wolf and Sons Dump Truck Services
If you have “stuff” that is too heavy to move yourself and is unworthy of giving away, let W&S bring out our new dump truck to Chunk some Junk for you!
*3-hour minimum job required.

Call Chris Kairuz at (206) 335-5581 or email us about our Dump Truck Services and let us chunk all your junk, all year round!

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