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Irrigation System Renton

We can install an irrigation system in Renton WA to provide your landscape with exacting amounts of water at all of the specific areas far more efficiently than moving hoses and sprinklers.

Our well-designed irrigation system in Renton can ensure a beautiful landscape appearance while conserving water usage.

Rather than hand-watering, you can call us for an underground irrigation system in Renton that will give your total landscape water to survive, and a lawn that is vibrant, green, and lush.

With a well-designed landscape irrigation system in Renton providing head-to-headcoverage and localized irrigation, it is a perfect choice for:

  • Sprinkler or surface irrigation
  • Watering trees and ornamentals
  • Drip irrigation for vegetable gardens
  • Drip emitters for plants & floral beds

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping to discuss your needs for a landscape irrigation system in Renton.


Irrigation Systems Renton

We offer irrigation systems in Renton that can be serviced by a lake or pond pump system, or a metered water system tied into the existing water lines of your home.

With the use of two main types of irrigation systems in Renton, we can incorporate both low flow and high flow systems to accommodate your complete landscape with:

  • Drip irrigation
  • Sprinkler or surface irrigation
  • Combination of both

A low flow irrigation system in Renton consists of microspray, drip emitters, and drip lines commonly used for plants, vegetable gardens, rooting ground covers, bushes and shrubs.

A high flow irrigation system in Renton involves the use of sprinkler heads and other emission devices for sprinkle or surface irrigation, or both, to provide complete lawn coverage.

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping to design and install a landscape irrigation system in Renton to suit your needs.


Irrigation Services Renton

In addition to our professional irrigation design and installations, we offer efficient high-quality irrigation services in Renton.

We place a high priority on customer service, from installations to repairs and maintenance of new and existing irrigation services in Renton.

Our team is expert in all irrigation services in Renton, including sprinkler and drip line systems repairs and installations such as, but not limited to:

  • Irrigation valves
  • Irrigation controllers
  • Backflow preventers
  • Pressure regulators
  • Automatic timers

Our irrigation services in Renton also include Spring activation to prepare your system for the season, as well as a mid-season tune-up to maintain optimal performance during peak periods, and Fall winterization to avoid freeze damage.

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping for residential irrigation services in Renton. Our technicians are well-equipped to service your lawn irrigation systems throughout the season!