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Renton Landscape Design


We have a long history of providing landscape design in Renton WA that combines nature and culture.

Whether we are creating natural landscape design in Renton by incorporating new landscape plantings and private outdoor spaces, or modern landscaping with garden designs and streamlined aesthetics using hardscape installation and wood, we can bring an inviting outdoor renovation for entertaining and restful retreat with a landscape installation in Renton!

By definition, landscape design in Renton involves the art of arranging or modifying the features of a yard or other space for aesthetic or practical reasons. For modern landscape design in Renton,we create changes to an area of land with:

  • Garden designs and bedding plants
  • Landscaped terrain
  • Hardscape structures

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping for landscape design ideas in Renton for front or backyard landscaping.

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Renton Landscape Designer


We offer landscape designer services in Renton for new development, or for enhancement of specific areas within your existing landscape.

As a professional landscape designer serving Renton, we can incorporate latest concepts into a design to lend contrast to familiar local plant materials and garden designs, while tying the landscape together as a whole.

Using the basic principles of design, our landscape designer serving Renton can create a plan that is visually pleasing and functional, incorporating both hardscapes and softscapes to provide a beautifully aesthetic appearance at an affordable price.

As an experienced landscape designer serving Renton, we can create a plan that improves your landscape with:

  • Garden designs, styles and themes
  • Balance of hardscape & softscape
  • Plants that fit
  • Irrigation system design
  • Landscaping pavers

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping for a landscape designer in Renton that can complement your home, space, and lifestyle.

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Renton Landscape Installation


Following completion and acceptance of a design, our next step is landscape installation in Renton.

During the design phase, we take into consideration the nature of plant, shrub and tree growth, slopes, soil conditions, direct sunlight, wind, underground utility lines and drainage. Then our experts begin the landscape installation in Renton that may include:

  • Addition of soil amendments
  • Hardscapes & landscaping pavers
  • Garden, plant & shrub installations
  • In-ground irrigation system
  • Retaining walls
  • Sod installs

Once our landscape installation in Renton is complete, you can enjoy the transformation and luxurious appearance of plants, trees, shrubs, garden beds and hardscape structures that create year-round beauty, increased curb appeal, and added value to your home.

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping to bring the landscape design to life with a carefully planned, meticulous landscape installation in Renton. We guarantee your satisfaction!

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