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Sod Renton


We have a highly experienced team that knows how to prep your soil and apply the finishing touches before laying sod in Renton WA for an instant green lush lawn!

Preparing the soil prior to laying new sod in Renton is essentially the most vital step of the final installation process.

The best method for creating a lush sod lawn in Renton is far more extensive than simply rolling out sod on your property and sprinkling it with water. We provide all of the important steps before laying the sod in Renton to ensure a healthygreen lawn:

  • Sod selection
  • Weed removal
  • Proper grading
  • Addition of topsoil as needed
  • Adding soil amendments

We also take the time to provide proper care guidelines for your new sod installation in Renton.

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Sod Installation Renton


A sod installation in Renton provides immediate texture and beautiful green color to your landscape!

Whether you need a sod installation in Renton for a new landscape, patching, or replacement of an existing landscape, installing sod in Renton is the most expeditious way to achieve a green lush yard.

With years of experience since 2005, we can provide a sod installation in Renton from start to completion including:

  • Lawn clearing
  • Soil preparation & soil conditioning
  • Grading and rolling
  • Measuring for sod installation
  • Installation of an irrigation system
  • Laying sod

With an experienced work crew, we have developed a reputation for providing installations with the highest chance of survival. We handle the complete operation from delivery through installation, including instructions for watering.

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Installing Sod Renton


Installing sod in Renton is one of our landscaping specialties.

If your plan includes installing sod in Renton, we have a professional crew experienced in professional installations of high-quality sod that include all steps needed to ensure your new lawn can thrive.

Installing sod in Renton by our professionals is the finest way to achieve quick results. We have years of experience laying sod with precision and guaranteed satisfaction.

These are a few benefits of sod installs:

  • Sod useable within two to three weeks
  • Sod installs add value & improved curb appeal
  • Installing sod cost is affordable

We can also assist in the selection of grass species recommended for your specific project, high traffic, or a specific type that will thrive in large open areas.

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