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Retaining Wall Renton


Wolf and Sons Landscaping provides the service of designing and building a retaining wall for properties throughout Renton, WA. We are contractors specializing in design and construction of a brick retaining wall for the Renton area that is both functional and beautiful!

If you are experiencing property erosion, or a soil shift leaving your foundation exposed, we are professional retaining wall specialists serving Renton that understand the area soil makeup and proper installation techniques in order to do the following:

  • Prevent erosion with retaining wall
  • Install retaining wall to accent landscaping
  • Prevent sinkhole sites with retaining wall
  • Form lasting retaining wall structure

As a trusted retaining wall contractor for the Renton region, we can assess your property to determine the best solution for both function and design when it comes to a retaining wall. We can provide an estimate for a customized retaining wall for your Renton property.

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping to speak with one of our experts about the design and construction of a retaining wall for your Renton property.

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Retaining Walls Renton


We are a locally-owned contracting business providing designs, installations and repairs of brick retaining walls for Renton. With years of experience since 2005, our solid structure retaining walls throughout Renton are designed to provide long-lasting structural integrity needed to prevent ground soil erosion and mud buildup that can cause significant deterioration of your landscape.

We offer customized designs of retaining walls for the Renton region that are functional, but also provide the perfect gateway to creating a unique landscape. As professional landscape contractors, we can design and install retaining walls around Renton that are:

  • Free-standing retaining walls
  • Anchored retaining walls
  • Retaining walls connected to another structure
  • Structurally sound brick retaining walls

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping for professionals that can provide design, installation and repairs of retaining walls throughout Renton. We are ready to get started!

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Stone Wall Renton


If you would like to get a stone wall built for your Renton property, we can help. Our installation contractors can take care of all your stone wall needs. We can provide you with a long, short, or high stone wall in any shape you can ask for. Whether you want a retaining wall, boundary wall, or a stone wall to add to the beauty of your existing landscape near Renton, we can build it for you.

We enjoy each stone wall project throughout Renton as if it was our own property. We take great pride in the design and construction of each stone wall we create.

We offer Renton the following for stone wall needs:

  • Stone wall design
  • Stone wall construction
  • Stone retaining walls
  • Residential stone wall
  • Commercial stone wall

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping when you want a stone wall for your Renton property.

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