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Pressure Washer Renton


If you have a buildup of grime, sediment, dust and other debris on your driveway, now is the time to call for our pressure washer services in Renton WA to give it a clean and fresh look.

Our pressure washer in Renton makes easy work of deep cleaning and renewing the exterior of your property to improve its appearance.

We offer pressure washer services in Renton at affordable rates for cleaning exterior surfaces such as:

  • Patio & pathway pressure washing
  • Use of pressure washer for driveways
  • Cleaning brick or stone retaining walls
  • Most any masonry, building stone or concrete

Use of a pressure washer in Renton is one of the finesttime and cost-effective methods for removing grime, dust and stubborn residue from outdoor surfaces.

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping for professional pressure washer services in Renton by experienced cleaning technicians.


Pressure Washing Renton


Pressure washing in Renton involves the use of high pressure for cleaning hard surfaces such as concrete, brick and natural stone surfaces.

If your exterior landscape surfaces are showing signs of grime, sediment and dust buildup, call for our pressure washing services in Renton for quick and efficient removal.

Our technicians are qualified in the use of pressure washing in Renton for cleaning or removing debris from hard surfaces without damage to your outdoor surfaces. Hiring a professional is recommended to avoid damage and potential costly repairs that can occur when choosing an incorrect nozzle, or failure to adjust the pressure.

Pressure washing in Renton is a wise investment for:

  • Maintaining your patio and pool deck
  • Cleaning your driveway
  • Screen enclosures cleaning
  • Removing dust, grime & algae from retaining walls

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping for professional pressure washing in Renton!


Power Washing Renton


We recommend the use of power washing in Renton to deliver the best possible results for concrete-based surface maintenance.

While we offer both pressure washing and power washing in Renton, there are heavy-duty cleaning conditions in which the addition of heat that occurs with power washing in Renton is needed to achieve the desired results, such as:

  • Removal of grease & oil stains from concrete
  • Concrete stain removal
  • Mold & algae removal from flat tile roofing
  • Moss removal from driveways & paver patios

In addition to improving your curb appeal, power washing in Renton offers safety solutions from growth of black mold, green algae and mildew that soak up moisture creating a potential health hazard or slip and fall incident.

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping for power washing hardscapes in Renton with safe and effective results.