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Wolf & Sons currently only sells and performs full service lawn maintenance under YEARLY contracts.

Burien Lawn Maintenance


Lawn maintenance for your Burien, WA property plays a great role in enhancing its overall curb appeal. It is best to call a professional contractor for lawn maintenance on your Burien property. Bringing in lawn maintenance specialists from Wolf and Sons Landscaping ensures that you get the best out of your green space.

Our company has been offering lawn maintenance services to Burien residents since 2005. Now it is your turn to benefit from the expertise that our lawn maintenance workers have gained throughout their long years of service. We provide lawn maintenance services in Burien for both residential and commercial places.

Reach out to us for these services:

  • Affordable lawn care near me
  • Lawn service companies near me
  • Yard maintenance near me
  • Grass mowing near me

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Burien Lawn Care


Our company is known for providing year-round lawn care in the Burien region. We understand that different seasons have different lawn care needs. This is why we offer season specific lawn care tips to Burien property owners.

You can schedule a visit from us for early spring, spring, early summer, summer, early fall, and fall lawn care on your Burien property. Our lawn care specialists for your Burien property will make every effort to give you a lush green and well-groomed lawn all year!

Hire us for our expert services like these:

  • Spring lawn service
  • Fall lawn preparation
  • Regular lawn service
  • One-time lawn service

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping for lawn care in Burien!

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Burien Yard Maintenance


Our company dispatches only a highly trained and seasoned crew for yard maintenance on Burien properties. Not only are our yard maintenance workers well-versed with the correct procedures, best solutions, and usage of advanced tools, but they are very passionate toward their job as well. The combination of our knowledgeable landscapers and cutting-edge equipment is bound to give you the best yard maintenance results for your Burien property.

We are eager to add your name to our long list of happy first-time customers who have become longterm patrons of our yard maintenance services in the Burien region. Come to us for yard maintenance experts who work on your Burien property with dedication as if it were their own home.

Contact us today to discuss these landscaping needs:

  • Mowing
  • Weed control
  • Lawn fertilizer treatment
  • Hardscape maintenance
  • Yard cleanups

Call Wolf and Sons Landscaping for yard maintenance in Burien!

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