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Sumner Water Features


Looking for aesthetic water features for your Sumner, WA, property? At Wolf & Sons Lawn and Landscaping, we add elegance and beauty to your living areas with the best water features.

Whether it is a modern fountain setting your courtyard scene or an enchanting vintage fountain serving as a centerpiece for your garden, Sumner water features can truly bring out the grace of your landscape. However, choosing the right Sumner water features can be overwhelming.

Leave it our experts to not only choose the best Sumner water features but have them placed in a way that highlights their importance. Not sure what you want? Here are some options:

  • solar powered water feature
  • sphere water feature
  • stone water feature
  • patio fountains
  • concrete fountain
  • battery operated fountain

Cozy or liven up your garden with Sumner water features from Wolf & Sons Lawn and Landscaping! Call today!

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Sumner Water Feature Install


A Sumner water feature install is not merely a showpiece but can actually add immense value to your landscape. Imagine a weeping willow hovering over a pond and waterfall installation such as a garden fountain, it is the perfect private paradise.

The right Sumner water feature install will never undermine the elements of your property. In fact, leave it our experts to suggest the perfect Sumner water feature install to complement home’s external material.

From modern courtyards to shaded patios, we can work with your yard style to suggest a Sumner water feature install that truly works. You can play with shapes, pop up colors, and textures when choosing a water feature install. Look at the following examples:

  • floating pond fountain
  • vortex fountain
  • bird bath fountain
  • tabletop fountain
  • bamboo water fountain
  • buddha fountain

Choose the way your serene retreat will look with a Sumner water feature install from Wolf & Sons Lawn and Landscaping! Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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Sumner Pond and Waterfall Installation


With a brand new Sumner pond and waterfall installation, add that lush and pristine look you have always wanted for your garden. Our Sumner pond and waterfall installation experts can even suggest the best ideas as per your space.

We provide many options for the best Sumner pond and waterfall installation such as:

  • water wall
  • indoor waterfall
  • pond less waterfall
  • artificial waterfall
  • led water bubble wall
  • backyard pond

Go for a minimalist design or classical allusions for your Sumner pond and waterfall installation.

Embrace the natural beauty of your garden with a Sumner pond and waterfall installation. Call Wolf & Sons Lawn and Landscaping today!

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