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Sammamish Retaining Walls


The wide-ranging services offered by Wolf & Sons Lawn and Landscaping include the design and installation of retaining walls in Sammamish, WA properties.

Landscaping is a big challenge in yards on properties with grading issues. Sammamish retaining walls are built to create flat space on the sloped land to install plantings and other landscape features.

Sammamish retaining walls can be built for purposes other than holding back soil. Retaining walls can even be constructed on a yard to add an interesting visual element, provide convenient outdoor sitting space or give a terraced design to the landscape.

Our company offers retaining wall installation services for all types of applications. We specialize in making Sammamish retaining walls with the following:

  • Rock
  • Concrete blocks
  • Stone
  • Brick

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Sammamish Retaining Wall


It is advisable to hire seasoned professionals for constructing a Sammamish retaining wall on your property. Entrusting the project to an inexperienced landscaper or masonry contractor can prove to be a costly mistake. An improperly built Sammamish retaining wall can collapse at any time, causing grievous injury to anybody nearby and damaging the surrounding landscape considerably.

Ensure your peace of mind about the seamless installation of a strong, hard-wearing and reliable Sammamish retaining wall on your property by hiring us for the job. Our company employs professionals with long experience and proven skills for Sammamish retaining wall construction. We are experienced at building all types of retaining walls, such as:

  • Cantilevered wall
  • Gravity wall
  • Retention wall
  • Anchored wall

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Sammamish Stone Wall


Get in touch with us if you plan to get a Sammamish stone wall installed in your yard. Whether you want the stone wall to enhance the aesthetics or functionality of the outdoor space, make sure to hire the right people.

We are proud to be the leading source for Sammamish stone wall installation services. You can engage our services for building either a mortared or dry-stacked Sammamish stone wall. We assure you of a solid structure that stands the test of time.

Our highly knowledgeable technicians prepare the soil well, make suitable drainage arrangements and use high-quality materials for making the Sammamish stone wall.

Contact us right away to schedule a job for building:

  • Rock retaining wall
  • Decorative rockery wall
  • Boulder boundary wall
  • Stone privacy wall

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