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Sumner Retaining Walls


Building retaining walls in the Sumner, WA, area is just one of our specialties at Wolf & Sons Lawn and Landscaping. In terms of functionality, retaining walls bear loads, draw boundaries in your garden, and stop run-off water from destroying your landscape.

Installing Sumner retaining walls may seem like an expensive option now, but in the long run, hardscapes such as Sumner retaining walls add value to your property, making it more livable, and visually appealing.

Our Sumner retaining walls are versatile, easy to install, and highly durable. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials:

  • Steel wall
  • Treated pine wall
  • Wood wall
  • Concrete block wall
  • Timber wall
  • Cinder block wall
  • Poured concrete wall

Choose the best Sumner retaining walls for your home at Wolf & Sons Lawn and Landscaping!

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Sumner Retaining Wall


A Sumner retaining wall built by our expert landscapers is designed as per your exact specifications. The Sumner retaining wall blocks we use are manufactured to high standards. These wall blocks are designed in such a way that they meet a wide array of applications.

The design and dimension of your Sumner retaining wall is decided to visually and structurally integrate with your landscape. We offer services such as:

  • Interlocking retaining blocks
  • Sleeper wall
  • Cantilever wall
  • Railroad tie wall
  • Gravity wall
  • Geogrid wall

The Sumner retaining wall and its accompanying installations built by our team of expert landscapers will meet the most demanding of your aesthetic requirements.

Hire your Sumner retaining wall project to the trusted Wolf & Sons Lawn and Landscaping!

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Sumner Stone Wall


Go for a Sumner stone wall that blends seamlessly with your beautiful landscapes. The materials we use to build your Sumner stone wall are the preferred choice of both our installers and homeowners. Every time we finish building a Sumner stone wall for your commercial or residential space, seeing the faces of satisfied customers gives us immense joy.

Although several hard materials are used to build a retaining wall, when going for a Sumner stone wall, there are multiple options to choose from as well. Some of them are:

  • Boulder wall
  • Wall of natural stone
  • Limestone wall
  • Sandstone wall
  • Rubble wall
  • Pavestone wall

The versatility of stone as a building material makes it possible for our expert landscapers to create multiple patterns using fewer units. That way, the landscaping job is done quicker and in a more pocket-friendly way.

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