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Buckley Retaining Walls


Adding Buckley retaining walls to your Buckley, WA landscape can add focal points and are a common practice among landscapers. At Wolf & Sons Lawn and Landscaping, we offer service for retaining walls. Buckley retaining walls can be used to overcome slopes in the yard and also add visual interest.

Buckley retaining walls also serve functional purposes such as increasing usable land in the yard. Buckley retaining walls can provide environmental benefits as well such as reducing soil erosion and protecting the area from saturation. When it comes to retaining walls, we can answer all your questions regarding:

  • Steel wall
  • Treated pine wall
  • Wood wall
  • Concrete block wall
  • Timber wall
  • Cinder block wall

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Buckley Retaining Wall


Are you in the midst of a landscaping project? You might want to consider getting a beautiful retaining wall for your home. We consider all zoning codes and regulations before installing a Buckley retaining wall. Our landscaping experts can engineer the best strategy to install a Buckley retaining wall in your yard.

The height and the leaning angle of your Buckley retaining wall is decided as per the topography and so that it can maintain a safe load as well. The materials used to build your retaining wall will decide the cost, height and function of the structure. Feel free to ask us for the following options and more:

  • Interlocking retaining blocks
  • Sleeper wall
  • Cantilever wall
  • Railroad tie wall
  • Gravity wall
  • Geogrid wall

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Buckley Stone Wall


Installing an attractive Buckley stone wall that can also handle huge pressure takes skill and planning, and our landscaping experts can deliver. Building a long lasting Buckley stone wall is all about a solid base, right drainage and quality material. We build your Buckley stone wall with blocks that can work best on tight curves and are easy to stack as well.

Rest assured your wall will not freeze or tip or crumble in the face of natural elements. Your Buckley stone wall could be of different types such as a gravity wall, anchored wall or cantilever wall. Have a question regarding a stone wall for your yard? Ask us about:

  • Boulder wall
  • Wall of natural stone
  • Limestone wall
  • Sandstone wall
  • Rubble wall
  • Pavestone wall

Get an eye-catching Buckley stone wall installed in your yard. Get in touch with Wolf & Sons Lawn and Landscaping!

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